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Our Team

Silver Fern International School! Our team is a diverse collection of talented educators from across the globe, hailing from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand. This cultural diversity brings a rich mosaic of teaching styles, experiences, and perspectives, ensuring an international standard of education that celebrates global awareness and understanding.

Each member of our staff is committed to fostering an environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and personal growth. Our teachers, having extensive experience in their respective fields, are devoted to imparting their knowledge and creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Our faculty are not only educators but also mentors, encouraging each student to reach their highest potential. Their diversity further strengthens our commitment to provide a global education, ensuring students gain insights into different cultures, ideas, and beliefs. We firmly believe that this diversity of teaching staff greatly enhances the learning experience, fostering a global mindset in our students.

At Silver Fern, we take pride in our dedicated staff who work relentlessly towards shaping future global citizens. Come join us, and be part of this international learning experience.

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