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Silver Fern Daycare
Coming August 2024!

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Nurturing Young Minds for a Brighter Future

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Introducing Silver Fern Daycare, an oasis of early childhood education nestled in the vibrant community of Roi Et, Thailand. Located on the beautiful campus of Silver Fern International School, our daycare will be dedicated to providing exceptional care and learning experiences for children aged 1 to 3 years.


Our Language Approach

At Silver Fern Daycare, we embrace the global language of English as our primary medium of instruction and communication. We believe in giving our little ones an early start in becoming proficient English speakers, setting a solid foundation for their future academic and social endeavors.


International Educators

Our team of international teachers brings diverse experiences and teaching methodologies to our daycare. Their expertise in early childhood education ensures a nurturing and stimulating environment, where every child is encouraged to explore, learn, and grow.


A Pathway to Excellence

We take pride in preparing our young learners for their educational journey ahead. Children graduating from Silver Fern Daycare will have a distinct advantage as they transition into Silver Fern International School. Our holistic approach ensures that they are not only academically ready but also socially and emotionally prepared to thrive in a school setting.


Join Our Family

Silver Fern Daycare is more than just a daycare; it's a community where children, parents, and educators come together to create a joyful and enriching early learning experience. Enroll your child today and be a part of our journey towards nurturing young minds for a brighter future.

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